Symetra Statement: We Can Effect Change, and We Must Do So Together

The effects of racism are evident every day in the United States. The pain and frustration of that reality are starkly reflected in the demonstrations across our country following the tragic death of George Floyd and other recent events.
Symetra stands with the black community and with all of those fighting against injustice. We see you and we hear you. While we cannot erase the collective damage of systemic racism, we can seek real change so that future generations can live without the harm, stress and fear so many of our friends, colleagues and neighbors experience today.
We must start by acknowledging injustice when we see it, calling it out and then seeking change. Symetra remains committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplace. We will continue to use our voice to advance those principles in our communities, and actively seek ways to be part of the enduring solution and healing our nation needs.
We can effect change, and we must do so together.